It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2

Fear is the root cause of people failing to become victorious in this life and is a hindrance to them from being transformed into the image of God. It is fear that causes people to give up on their hope, dreams and purpose. Fear is the seed this world system plants in the lives of all cultures and people from the time they are born. Fear was the first reaction to mankind’s fall in the beginning. When God called to Adam, his response was, he was afraid and hid himself. Fear is a natural consequence in a fallen world.

God gave mankind dominion and authority over the things in this world but temporarily lost this authority until Jesus came and restored the kingdom of God on the earth. The world system cultivates fear in the hearts of the people who were created to be the image of God. People are vulnerable to what they fear, because they cannot have dominion or authority over the things they fear. Fear shows itself in many different forms; fear of lack, not having enough, and fear of things or people who are unlike us. It is because of fear that we allow the pressure of this world system to reign over us to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Faith in God and his kingdom allows us to take authority and have dominion over our situation.

Genesis 3: 9-11a Then the LORD God called to Adam and said to him, “Where are you?” So he said, “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.” And He said, “Who told you that you were naked?

A lifestyle of fear is being encouraged in every area of life through culture, media and even the games children and people play. Fear like faith can be cultivated to be the primary thought pattern of a person in which they will operate in. This world system wants people to develop a spirit of fear rather than a spirit of faith. Without knowing it, many people plant fear in themselves and their children by the things they watch, say and do. We sometimes look at movies and go places which promote a spirit of fear that can be rooted in their consciousness and unconsciousness. This is like faith which also comes by hearing and operating in the word of God.

Faith and fear are currency or an exchange that brings into reality the things that we have expectation for. Whether it is a positive act of faith or a negative response to fear, we must be discerning. To have faith and not be afraid is a constant command throughout the Bible. Faith is a deliberate choice to believe God and His promises. Fear is confirmation of unbelief in God and His ability to provide, protect and perform His word. Living in fear is a direct insult to God and His Character. Fear paralyzes people and keeps them from obeying God, which is our true call and purpose.

Jesus came to deliver us from fear which was the result of sin. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection purchased our righteousness and placed us in right standing with God. God is calling everyone even those still living in fear, to become right with God by accepting the work of Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. His children may come boldly to His throne of Grace and not be afraid. Jesus has paid the debt we owed and has given us His Righteousness. Many who are followers of Christ still are afraid to approach the Holy God Jehovah, because of fear of their past sins or fear of their present failures. They lack the knowledge or faith in God’s word that says Jesus was made sin so we are made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 4;15-16 For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Faith is rooted in the knowledge of God’s love for us. When we know and understand that God loves us more than we could imagine, then we can believe God and have faith in His love. God’s love is not based on our efforts, our successes or our failures but in the completed work of Christ. Jesus’ death and resurrection is a testament of God’s love for us because He would not leave us in our fallen state without Hope. This love is cultivated in our hearts by the Holy Spirit and we show our gratitude and love for God by our obedience to His word.

The more we know and commune with God, the more we will know and understand His love for us. Then our desire is to be more like Him and to show His love to this world and the people He created. A true belief in God is evident by a change in behavior. God meets us where we are. He does not require us to get right and cleanse ourselves before coming to Him. Once we have His Holy Spirit living in us, then our lives should demonstrate a change. If there is no change in our character or life, then we must question the earnestness of our conversion and the Holy Spirit in us.

Many people want to question why people go through trials and hardships in life and why God allows this. It was not so in the beginning. Mankind has brought to the earth a fallen broken world system but God has provided a way back into His kingdom through faith. Faith is always tried and tested to demonstrate our love for God and we have hope to become a sweet fragrance for God in the world. Just as a diamond is tested to prove it is genuine and not glass, so is our faith in God is confirmed as evidence of our commitment to Him by our obedience. Faith can only be seen, proven and tested in adverse situations. When we are faced with troubles, how we respond speaks to our beliefs. We will respond in faith, believing God will provide and protect, or in fear, doing things our own way for self-preservation

Remember, both faith and fear are choices we will make. Everyone will decide which currency or exchange that we will operate in. Thereby everyone will purchase spiritually, the things they will receive based on their choice of fear or faith. This is the reality of this life and life eternal.

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