It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2

God knows the thought that He think toward us, thought of Peace and not evil, to give us hope in our latter end and that we will call upon God and pray to Him and He will listen. The truth of God’s word is the light that dispels darkness and the lies we have been told. Jesus came and His first public message was repent-change the way you think! We no longer have to live in bondage to the lies of this world system because Jesus brought a new way of living; the kingdom of God is now on earth.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. NIV

The strategy of this fallen world system has not changed from the beginning when mankind believed a lie rather and the truth of God their creator. When we hear the story of Adam and Eve it is puzzling that they would listen, believe and eventually act on the lies they were told. They had been walking with God, seeing the majestic world and all God had created in its unaltered state. How could they listen to the lies of a stranger and not obey God? Easy, if we listen to a lie long enough we will began to believe it and our hearts will turn from the truth.

The tongue is a pen of a ready writer that writes on the hearts of mankind. The whole world and all that ***exist was made with words, God’s words. The whole world fell with words, the words of Satan. Jesus came and redeems the lives of all mankind. We can now live by the power of the Holy Spirit which is given through the word of God. We write on our hearts and the hearts of our children with words and the stories of our lives. We speak of who we are and what we will accomplish all through the power of the words we speak and believe in our hearts.

Psalm 45:1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. NIV

We all have a choice, to believe God’s word or the words of this fallen world system. Jesus said the kingdom of God is here, He came that we might have life abundantly and that we are more than conquerors because we are kings and priests before God. But there is another word that comes from the father of lies and Jesus tells us he has come to kill, steal and destroy the people created in the image of God. There are two systems operating in the world, the kingdom of God and the lies of a fallen world system which is under the influence of sin.

Words are important, what we say about ourselves and others affect the way we think and influence our actions toward others. We must consider our thoughts and who we allow to speak into our lives and influence our belief system. This fallen world system has been rooted into the very fiber of all mankind. We are all born into it naturally and we are schooled in the culture and the belief that every person is for themselves. That self-preservation is man’s first principle and everything else is secondary. From the time we are born into this world we are set on the track of getting and doing for self and for some people at the expense of others no matter the cost. Unless we are born again into the kingdom of God, we will stay in the rat race of this fallen world system and if we die without Christ we will spend eternity without God.

The truth and the saving Grace of Jesus starts with God’s word, God so loved His people that God Himself came to save us. God came to seek and to save the lost, all mankind. We all have sinned, we all have gone astray from the truth of God and yet, God did not leave us to ourselves. Jesus came and exchanged His life for ours and brought with Him a new world system. The kingdom of God has come to earth is the foundation of our hope, belief and faith in God’s unfailing love for us.

We must choose to believe in a love that sacrifices all so that we would be saved. All our lives we were told we were worthless and insignificant and now the God of all creation shows His love at the cross of Jesus. God purchased those whom the world says are nothing and have no value, because He loves. Faith comes by hearing the word of God it appears to be odd and different because we had not heard it before. But God’s word is spirit and truth, it grows in the heart and soul of those who receive and believe it.

Not everyone who hears God’s word receives it as truth. This is the choice every person has as an act of their “will” to accept or reject the truth of God’s word. The seed of God’s word may be sown but it is the decision of that person as to whether they will receive the word of truth by faith.

When we saturate our mind with God’s thoughts we can begin to see the vision God has for us. When we see ourselves as God sees us we can have visions of a better future and our plans will assist us in accomplishing the things God has placed in our hearts. The fight is won or lost in the mind and battle is for our thoughts to line up with the word of God. God has planted in every person a chance to win because we all were created in His image and our spirit comes from God. But the choice and the act of the will is the privilege of all mankind given by God.

We are to use our God given mind to think on the things of God and use our tongue to be the pen of a ready writer to write the love, hope and grace of God in our hearts. Only with the truth of God’s word can we dispel the lies the world says to us and about us. In faith of God’s unfailing love for us are we able to stand in the midst of adversity in hope and we realizing we have a future, because of the thoughts and plans God has for us.

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