It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2

Some may wonder why the young children are having such a hard time in life and in society. It is because their enemy would rather slay them as children than to fight them as men who have been trained in the wisdom and knowledge of God. For this reason we should be vigilant, watchful and cautious of who and what we allow to influence our young children. Many people so freely give the training and care of their children to other people and organizations without any knowledge of the organization’s rooted beliefs, practices, attitudes or persuasions. Some establishments may adversely affect or even be hostile toward their children.

Every child that is born is born in the image of God, a reflection of the Most High King. This in and of itself brings an innate value to every human being. Their worth is rooted in their creator God, who has placed significance on all created in His image. Every child is born as a gift from God whether they are welcomed or not, children are a gift. They are born in innocence without bias and of a clean heart and mind. Their minds are so impressionable and like sponges they soak up all that is put into them, be it the good or evil of life’s occurrences.

Every baby is born to a person who is to be responsible for their nurture and wellbeing and yet so many children are left to themselves or left among people who would prey on their every existence. Every child is born with a pure heart but it can be twisted by life experiences and by the things they are taught. The most important responsibility of every parent and adult is to train and teach these young minds who they are as an Image bearer of God. Their purpose is to be the love of God in the earth and to show His love to a lost and deprived world.

Unfortunately we are living in a fallen world system with an enemy who hates the true and living God and all who are created in His image. The Bible says Satan is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Satan is the enemy. It is not our neighbor, coworker, boss or those of a different race or culture. It is Satan who plants seeds of hate, pride and tempts us to forsake the care of a person’s souls for money, he is our enemy. Satan comes and plants lies and deceptions to cause disunity and cultivate hate among the brethren. He wants to destroy the very thing we are created to be, an image bearer of God.

1 Peter 5:8-9a Be sober, be ]vigilant; ]because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 9 Resist him, steadfast in the faith… NKJV

We see a world system that is raising a generation of people to be used and debased through social and educational systems that before a child reach the third grade or 8 years old they are without hope. This system is devised to enslave some children for a life time while others are slated for a life of affluence and privilege. All at the cost of a child’s soul and thereby forfeit their created purpose and this is often for personal gain of others.

It is so much easier to destroy a life of royalty before it has begun or before it has matured into a crown prince who knows and is committed to his true destiny. For this purpose Satan has attacked the lives and minds of children and those responsible for their safety. To have people preoccupied with the things of this world rather than the training and protection of their children.

The societies are being transformed from esteeming Godly qualities such as integrity, truthfulness and honor to becoming obsessed with money, prestige and pride. We are appalled at the killing and the sacrifice of children on altars of pagan gods of old heathen nations and yet we see so many children’s lives destroyed on the altar of gain, possessions, riches, fame and pride.

Many have lost sight of the most important possession they have been entrusted with by God our Creator, the souls of children. Some have allowed these young children to be turned over to a world system that hates, despises and will destroy the very souls.

The enemy is seeking whom he may devour. He does not have the right, because Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law. He can only be given permission by the life choices we make. Everyone will make a choice to go after the riches, fame, pride and lust of this world system or they will choose to put the souls of mankind first.

When we put the primary thing first, the kingdom of God, which is concern for the souls of people, then the secondary things food, clothes and shelter, will be given. When we die to self, selfish pride and lust, and choose not go after this world’s systems that we truly win in this life naturally, spiritually and eternally.

We must guard the souls, minds and bodies of these young children and make decisions based on the word of God and not on the basis of some social, economic, racial or ethnic beliefs. When those things are put first our children are at risk. The enemy does not care which method of transportation is used in getting a soul to hell. It could be the luxury white limousine of entitlement, pride and prejudice or the black junkyard car of hate, anger and bitterness.
To Satan, who is the enemy of all mankind, either will do. They both will end in the same place, in hell for eternity. Both positions put self-first and refused the love and forgiveness of God through faith in Christ and neither chose to live a life seeking those things that concern the kingdom of God.

When we value the things that God values, then we will learn how to make wise decisions and better choices in this life. When we value the eternal souls and lives of people above temporary worldly possessions, then are we seeking God’s kingdom. By this we are putting first the most important things to God and He will supply the secondary things, food, clothes and shelter.

Comments on: "Children Our Greatest Wealth – Forfeited on the Alter of Possessions" (2)

  1. linda steward said:

    “Their purpose is to be the love of God in the earth and to show His love to a lost and deprived world”

    “When we value the things that God values, then we will learn how to make wise decisions and better choices in this life”

    Janice, the two quotes above stand out for me, but this entire blog is so right and so relevant to our times. Thank you for posting it.

    It reminds me that children are our greatest resource and hope for a better world until Jesus returns.

    Along these lines, I want to mention the Arise to Read program. I know that you are already engaged in many endeavors, but, if you have time, volunteers are needed to pledge 1 hour per week to teach a child to read, at various schools in Memphis. (there are about 30)

    Check it out at Bellevue Baptist Church website. I’ve signed up to take their next training on August 22.



  2. Tonie Lewis said:

    Amen, amen, amen

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